Contract Manufacturing

You would prefer not to invest in expensive machinery, moulds, materials and staff to produce your own custom made plastic component.

Take advantage of our technical equipment and know-how to manufacture your prototypes and series production. We manufacture plastic components under contract with our own in-house machines in any form, colour and size. For example:

Machine covers, gear wheels, seals, plugs, sockets, electrical system and capacitor filling, foam components and much more.

What was aluminum - is now plastic

In engineering the trend is towards plastic. Many machine parts manufactured from aluminium are given undercuts, curved forms or have drilled and threaded holes. These factors make even a small aluminium component into a bigger cost driver for the machine as a whole than might actually be necessary.

We can contract manufacture your read-to-fit machine component from plastic in the shape and colour you require. The labour intensive machining involved in processing aluminium is no longer necesseray. We would like to work for you too and manufacture the product acccording to your requirements cost-effectively.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information or if you have any questions.

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