2- Component casting machine type DG 10

The 2-component, dosing, mixing and casting machine for the economic processing of liquid reactive plastics such as polyurethane, epoxy and polyester resins etc. It is designed for:

  • Laboratory use in production development, test series,quality control and batch testing
  • Low cost production of electrical moulded components, adhesive processing, small to medium series manufacturing
  • Prototype construction, manufacture of prototype components, modelling
  • Ambulant construction site use for coating, dispensing, foaming, jointing, spray-coating, bonding and much more

Technical specifications DG 10

Dosing pump drive:0.25 kW electric geared motor, speed 280-520 revolutions per minute
Dosing pumps:2 precision gear pumps with a capacity of 2 litre/min. at mix ratio of 1:1
Componnet mix ratio:can be adjusted using setting wheel between 1.5:1 and 1:1.5
Hose set:hose set with non-heated component hoses and electric cable, 1.5 metres long
Mixing system:solvent free with roto-static mixing tube
Construction:steel plate, painted housing, L = 500 mm, W = 330 mm, H = 340 mm, weight approx. 30 Kg
Connection load:220 V
Material pressure vessel:1-5 Ltr. component tanks, heated versions enables temperatures up to 90°C
Options:longer component hoses, other mixing ratio, other capacity, holding device for container an mixing head

Download: Productinformation DG 10

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