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Flexonal Polyurethane

Bachmann Kunststoff Technologien GmbH offers a wide range of possible PUR systems, which cover a hardness range from approx. Shore A 20 to approx. Shore D 80.

The availability of a large number of raw material types enables final products with an enormously diverse range of physical and chemical properties.

Flexonal® PUR – systems that do not contain any blowing agent are used to create your compact final products.

This Flexonal® polyurethane has the following advantages:

  • Flexonal® is food safe
  • Flexonal® is temperature resistant up to 165°C
  • Flexonal® can be formulated to different degrees of hardness
  • Flexonal® can be produced in different colours to exactly meet your requirements. Standard colours are red, blue, green and brown.

Lightfast qualities are also available.

The coating systems are adapted to specific to customer requirements and applications, resulting worldwide for customers of Bachmann Kunststoff Technologien GmbH in the widest range of products for different applications.

It really is a question of 'adjustment' so contact us for practical advice.

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