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Flexonal liquid silicones

Today's world without Flexonal® liquid rubbers is unimaginable, even though we hardly know they are there.

Our hot vulcanised Flexonal® liquid rubbers have an especially low viscosity and on modern manufacturing equipment they can be processed like duromers. Of course Flexonal® liquid rubbers have all the advantageous properties of silicones.

Flexonal® liquied rubbers are supplied as a process-ready 2 component mix and cross-linked according to the polyaddition principal.

Standard Flexonal® liquid rubbers have extremely good mechanical properties; they are easy to demould, have a high heat resistance, excellent electrical and optical properties, a hardness range of approx. Shore A 25 to Shore A 70, rapid vulcanisation, no loss of weight in the hardening process, very low shrinkage rate, different colours and much more.

Special Flexonal® liquid rubbers are available for textile coatings.

Flexonal® liquid rubbers can be adapted to some extent also according to specific customers and applications, resulting worldwide for customers of Bachmann Kunststoff Technologien GmbH in the widest range of products for different applications.

We can contract mix and disperse your silicone components, so please contact us for practical advice.

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